Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Where in the World? Kit

I have designed a freebie kit for everybody today. I've made a lot of papers in pinky and lilac tones and wanted to make something a bit more suitable for masculine layouts. It's in neutral, brown and green tones and has a bit of a travel theme. The kit contains 4 papers, several elements, 4 different frames and a set of alpha/numerals. I think this is the first full kit I have made!! Yay! It's not fantastic because I still have a lot to learn in regards to this designing malarkey, but it was a lot of fun to make and I hope that people can make some use of it.

As usual, here are the previews:

You can get the alpha here.

The elements are here.

The frames can be found here.

And finally, the papers are here.


Monday, 28 July 2008

More element freebies!

Personally I'm secretly an avid list maker, so two of todays elements are journalling lists. There is a star and a love heart tag, where you get to fill in resons why you love someone or think they are a star! I have also made a man and woman shaped journal tag.

Here's the previews:

Star Tag

You can get this here.

Heart Tag

You can download this one here.
And finally the his and hers journal Tags:
You can get these here.
I forgot to add a tou file to any of these freebies, but the usual applies: these are for personal use only.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

My first attempts at making elements...freebies galore!

Lots of freebies today! I've had a few days off so I've had a go at making my own scrapbooking elements. I have made a few cardboard frames, some cardboard and note paper shaped journal tags and a few notepaper speech bubbles. I hope you like them!

I have made the cardboard frames into three different shapes and each shape comes in two different bright pastel colours. I tried to include a colour that would be suitable for either feminine or masculine layouts for each shape.

Heres a preview (Not all shown):

You can download the frames here

Next up is the cardboard and notepaper journal tags which I have made in a few different shapes:

You can download these here.

And finally, I made these notepaper speech bubbles, some of which are a bit crumpled and grungy (I love love love speech bubbles, they make fantastic journalling tags for layouts!):

You can download these here.


Monday, 21 July 2008

Sugar and Spice Papers 2

Right, heres a second lot of sugar and spice papers, this time in lilac colours. Just a quick post this evening, as its quite late and i'm a wee bit tired from a cinema and cocktail evening out! I watched Wall-e, which was great fun and my friend and I had a few strawberry - rum - ice cream concoctions aferwards, which were gorgeous!

Heres a preview of the papers:

You can download them here.


Sugar and Spice Papers

I have made a set of very girly, pink textured papers to give away! This is a set of four, but I enjoyed making them so much that theres a strong chance I'll make some more at some point to go with them! I meant to post them earlier but woke up this morning with a mega craving for rum and raisin ice cream, so I had to go and buy some first!!! Very yummy it was too!

Anyway, heres a preview of the papers:

The download link is here.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

And the first award goes to...

Deb at!

This designer is really pretty amazing, giving away loads and loads of lovely cu freebies on her blog. I made a lot of use of her overlays in the Grunged Up! papers I recently made.

I have searched through a lot of sites for cu freebies, and its very rare that a person gives away so many high quality items for free.

Thanks alot Deb, you're a star! You really help people like me who are new to the digiscrapping/designing world!

If you want to grab one of the blinkies, let me know which one you prefer and I will send you the html code.

Generous Designer Award

I started digiscrapping several months ago when I was still an impoverished student! And as I had never previously scrapped at all and so had no idea how long I would stay interested, I was concerned about splurging my limited budget on supplies. So I was pretty excited when I discovered that there were loads and loads of designers out there who regularly give away quality digiscrapping freebies. (Over the last couple of months, I have become pretty addicted to freebie hunting!) And without the generosity of these designers I never would have had the chance to become so creative and so addicted to this new hobby of mine. Also, I never would have bothered attempting to design my own digiscrapping supplies!

So, I wanted to say a big thankyou to these designers for giving away their talent and time. I have downloaded some truly gorgeous freebies over the last few months. Now ideally, I'd like to give these designers a big bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, but obviously thats not very practical!! (Imagine if we could one day email real things to each other!!) So instead I've made a couple of blinkies for them to choose from and I will nominate one designer every few weeks for the blinkie thankyou award!!

If anyone knows of any generous designers that they would like to see recieve this award please let me know!

To the designers: If I have nominated you for this award please let me know which blinkie you prefer (they are on the right under Designer Award Blinkies) along with your contact details and I will send you the html code!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Grunged Up! paper pack 2

Yep I have made yet more grungy papers! It seems that this blog is turning more and more into a freebie site! Its so much fun making stuff that I can't seem to stop!
Here's a preview:

Also included, but missing from the preview (because i'm a forgetful kind of person!) is a semi transparent pinky overlay.

Once again I have split the papers into two parts which I have labelled 3 and 4 because they continue from the previous paper pack.

Part three
Part four


Grunged Up! Paper Freebie

Well I have been working hard at the moment, lots of shifts at the care home I work at now that I have finished uni. But have a couple of days off now so have got some time to be creative!!
I have made a set of six grungy papers for people to play with. Lots of bright-ish colours and grungy edges. I loved making these, so might make a few more to go with them over the next couple of days and maybe some elements as well!

Here's a preview:

I have split it into two parts because the files are quite large.

Part one contains: the pinky graph paper, the blue/grey argyle paper and the green and purple stripy paper.

Part two contains the pinky argyle paper, the blue stripe paper and the green graph/stitch paper.

Here are the links:

Part One
Part Two

The brushes used to create the grungy effects are available at: and there is also a great tutorial on this site about how to install these brushes for use in photoshop programs which is available here:

Monday, 7 July 2008

A Midnight Garden Mini Kit

I have decided to make a mini kit of my A Midnight Garden kit to give away as a freebie while I am still designing the full kit. Included are: a navy graph paper, a dragonfly, a piece of word art, a ribbon with bow and a splatter of fairy dust!! As I keep making this kit I will upload pictures so you can see how it is all developing!!
Here is the preview:

You can download this mini kit through 4shared here

I have included links to any commercial use designers in the tou file.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Yet more freebies...I'm loving this!!

Well, I have been doing nothing but digiscrapping over the last couple of days!!! Heres a few more freebies for you...

Part two of the purpleteal kit I made is avaliable here

I have also made two bows, one in each colour, to go with this kit. Which you can download here.

Enjoy!! All of the commercial use items I have used are addressed in the included text files, including links to the designers websites so that you can have a go at designing your own digiscrapping elements etc!!

Loads of useful design tutorials can be found at I love this site! And it explains far more simply than I ever could how to go about things!

A Midnight Garden kit preview

I am currently working on a new kit called A Midnight Garden. Its mostly inspired by my bizarre waking hours, I work night shifts at a care home and it has sent me a wee bit nocturnal!! For the past four years I have gotten used to being awake at unusual times!! The kit is also inspired by how gorgeous I personally find nature at night, everything seems sapped of colour. Heres a few previews...

Clicking on the word art will take you to my flickr where you can see a bigger preview.

A random purple paper freebie

While mucking around on a new kit which is in progress called MIDNIGHT GARDEN I came up with the following paper which I would like to share with you. Heres the link.

I did not make these brushes by the way, please see the enclosed Brush Designer file for the designers credits.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Wow look what I made (sort of!)!!!

I have actually made my own mini kit!! Yipeee! I really can't quite believe it!! Well, when I say made, I didn't exactly make it from scratch. I did use some commercial use freebies which I re-coloured and relied lots on my photoshop elements user guide! But its definitely a start!!

And look: Heres a preview...

Its got 3 purple papers, 3 teal papers, a flower in each colour, a frame in each colour and a piece of tape in each colour.

Well, I needed to do something to take my mind off the heart breaking relationship breakup and failed job interview i've recently been through!!

This is the website where I learnt to make the pieces of tape:

And heres the download link for part one

(Part 1 contains everything in teal, I will upload the purple stuff soon, I didnt realise it would take so long!!)

Please see the attached file CU sources for information regarding the individual cu designers.

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated all freebies given away by Kittenkaaboodle are for personal use only. I am currently relying heavily on the generosity of designers who give away cu freebies, please refer to the notepad files contained within each download for information on these designers. It is not my right to freely redistribute the cu items that I use, by visiting the designers sites you can learn more about their terms etc. Plus you can gain the opportunity to download and experiment for yourself.