Monday, 4 August 2008

Sing me to Sleep paper set one download links

Here are the links for paper set one that I didn't get around to adding on saturday:

Part One

Part Two

Sorry again for the delay!

Right, i'm off to play around with some new brushes now, if I make anything nice I'll put it up soon!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Sing me to Sleep kit layout

Heres a layout I have made using my new freebie kit Sing me to Sleep. It should give you an idea of what everything will look like when its put together! The whole kit contains 2 sets of elements, 8 different teal and purple textured papers, a set of alpha (lower and upper case) and a set of numerals, plus 4 different wordarts. I think thats everything!

This kit should coordinate well with alot of the freebies I have given away lately, especially the cardboard/note paper journal tags, the thought bubble tags and possibly also the sugar and spice papers.

I'll try and get as much as possible uploaded today, but some will have to wait possibly, because I have a wedding reception to go to later. I'm really looking forward to it in a lot of ways because they are a great couple and there will be a lot of friends there tonight, but I can't help thinking that I might start to feel like a character in a chick flick because I'm going to have to sit through hearing my ex fella (who's a very talented singer) sing lots of lovely love songs. Grrr!
He's been asked to sing for their first dance and I want to take some photos of that so I can make some layouts for them, so I'm just going to have to grin and bear it! A sense of humour is going to be very important this evening! So, I'm going to put on a pretty dress and a great big smile and have a good night out with lots of friends and one of the loveliest couples in the world!

Anyway, enough yabber (!!) here's the layout I made:

Oh and I know the picture I chose to use isn't exactly the most sophisticated look in the world, but I thought the colours went well and I made this L/O pretty quickly!!

Sing me to Sleep Kit

Here's previews and links for each of the components in the Sing me to Sleep kit. I just remembered that I haven't made previews of the alpha/numerals or word art, but they are the same font and colour as on the tags in the previews, or an example of a piece of word art can be found on the layout in the previous post. Also, please note that because the papers I have made are pretty big files, I have split each of them in half to save time. So, each paper pack has a 'b' file as well, containing another couple of papers. Paper pack one has not uploaded along with the others, so I will have to add the download links for them tomorrow.

Heres the preview for element pack one: These pack contains two different gem 'star' borders, two journal tags and 2 stamp/badges.

You can get this here.

Heres element pack two: This contains two buttons, two bows, two gem rows, two sequin/ cardboard frames, two cloud shapes a star 'mobile' journal tag and a cardboard and notepaper border.

You can get it here.

Here's Paper pack one:

I will have to add the download links for paper pack one tomorrow, as I am running out of time now. Sorry about that.

And Paper pack two:

Paper 2
Paper 2b

Here are the links for the alpha and numerals:
Alpha lower
Alpha upper

I hope you enjoy using this kit!! As usual it is personal use only, the terms of use can be found in the paper pack one file which I will upload asap.